Already claiming?

Are you confident that you have maximised the benefit to your business? Our experience shows that some companies are not claiming their full potential, sometimes by a large factor.

Often businesses "turn the handle" annually on the process, seeking support from finance and tax personnel to prepare and quantify the claims. This reduces the time commitment from the core technical and development personnel and saves on costs, but the result is to limit the scope of claims and lower the benefit available to the business.

Furthermore, we often find that companies do not extend the scope of their eligible activities to the "qualifying indirect activities" that comprise part of a valid claim.

Our experience is that businesses often adopt methologies to the quantification of the claims which do not allow them to collect costs relating to the low level, less accessible R&D activities simply because this is "too difficult" to quantify.  We have processes and methodologies in place to access this spend effectively and adequately support the inclusion of these costs.

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