Complex Claims

With our background and experience, we are confident working with large international organisations, adopting methodologies to suit their businesses and project managing teams of internal personnel to prepare the R&D claims.  Complexity might arise because of the size and geographical organisation, the number of projects, differences in internal project accounting systems or because of the nature of the activities themselves.

Case study - thinly spread R&D

A large international construction business attended an industry body conference where we were delivering a session on R&D tax relief for the construction industry. They had been told by a Big 4 accountancy firm that they did not have an R&D claim.  The eligible R&D activities were thinly spread across their business, making it difficult to use traditional methods to capture qualifying costs and support these within a claim.  We worked with the team to develop a methodology that would enable them to quantify their claims and ensure that ongoing claims processes would be rigorous but manageable.  The annual benefit secured has been in excess of £700k.

Case study - global operations

A global organisation asked us to undertake a significant project to prepare their UK R&D claims.  Teams of people worked across the UK and worldwide delivering development projects using a multitude of different project costing and reporting systems and multi-functional teams.  No central list of development projects existed and core to the exercise was finding a way to ensure that significant pockets of potentially eligible work were identified and discussed. A core team of global technical experts was identified within the company and teleconferences held. Dependencies between different projects were established, enabling large technology programmes to be claimed. The benefit from the claims runs to many millions of pounds.