Increasing Claims

Many businesses feel that the R&D regimes in the UK are now well-established and on offering to support and advise we are often told "we've got it covered".  Despite this, we continue to find businesses whose claims are significantly understated.  This might be because advisers do not have the industry experience that enables them to understand how activities might be eligible or because internal teams simply do not have time to undertake detailed reviews of activities and costs.

Case study - doubling the claim

A small business developing products for the broadcasting industry prepared claims inhouse for a number of years. We approached them to offer assistance and following a detailed exercise, more than doubled the size of the claim. The full extent of eligible activities had not been explored by their finance team but our understanding of the technology and how their work mapped to the definition of eligibility enabled us to extend their claim to work supporting the R&D efforts.  HMRC raised an enquiry in relation to the claim and following correspondence and professional dialogue concluded that the work was eligible and the claim valid.