Long Term Relationships

We are passionate about helping our clients secure R&D tax relief and have established many long-term relationships where our expertise is bought-in annually to provide comfort that claims are robust and supportable.  We often see ourselves as an integral part of a wider client-team, with quick responses to client queries, personal service and the willingness to go that step further to ensure that clients are happy with our work.

Case study - over 10 years service

A UK business founded solely to contribute new ideas and technology to products for its international parent and to support major European customers has been making R&D claims for over 10 years, using our services to support their continued claim process.  This is essentially a laboratory based operation, obtaining funding from its parent and also from external parties to develop technology to enhance existing products and pursue new opportunities.  Although an R&D claim for this business may seem non-contentious, the business has worked with us since the introduction of the UK relief regimes to ensure that its case for eligibility is clearly articulated to HMRC, that the costs claimed are quantified in accordance with the legislation and to gain comfort that an annual review of the business and process will ensure their claims are robust and supportable.  We work very closely with the internal team, reviewing detailed documentation and ledgers to distil information to a format that can be read and understood by HMRC.  The business has had a number of HMRC enquiries regarding its R&D claims but all have been concluded successfully.  We have supported the business in responding to HMRC queries in a quick and efficient manner.

Case Study - over 8 years service

An SME developing security software came to one of our free seminars on R&D tax and asked us to undertake their claims, and have continued with us on the same terms ever since. A brief HMRC enquiry was made after a few years, but the claims accepted with no changes.