Never made a claim?

If you have never made an R&D claim, this may be a missed opportunty. Competitors may be gaining an advantage by claiming, effectively reducing the overall cost of their R&D activities.

Over 14 years from the introduction of the R&D tax regimes in the UK there is an expectation that eligible businesses are claiming and understand the scope of activities that can be included: but we know that this is not always the case and can support businesses making first-time claims.

There are a number of steps to making an R&D claim, whether you are a large international organisation or a small or medium sized business:

  • Identify eligible activities
  • Quantify the claims
  • Prepare appropriate supporting documentation
  • Deal with HMRC enquiries should they arise

We can help with all aspects of the claim process and support you in establishing a methodology that can be rolled forwards to give you an annual benefit from your R&D activities. A free telephone conference can quickly establish the potential so call us on 0203 740 7172 to have a discussion or arrange a convenient time to talk.